I wanted to send you an email testimonial about our experience last weekend at The Art & Science of Love weekend workshop for couples in Greensboro. I am a therapist in private practice (LCSW, LCAS, and I also specialize in EMDR), and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to also work with a lot of couples in my practice. My initial purpose for attending this workshop was to learn more about the Gottman method from an experiential perspective, as I've read about it for years, and have implemented pieces of it in my work with couples, but was interested in knowing more. My loving husband works as a landscaper, and while he is very supportive, he doesn't really know a lot about these "therapy training's" that I go to, and he was a little nervous about what he was getting himself into by accompanying me to this one (...and maybe I had a slight ulterior motive by inviting him to come- ha ha ha!). The workshop was a lot of fun for both of us, and beneficial strengthening our relationship on several levels. Since attending, he mentioned several times that he "had no idea it would be as interesting and fun as it was," and he "is so glad we did this for our marriage." I am too! Furthermore, a result of this workshop, I have decided to pursue advanced training through the Gottman Institute, to better help other couples strengthen their marriages with the use of this evidence-based method. This was a wonderful opportunity, and I'm so thankful for what it did for us. Thank you, Jessica Jeremiah

Jessica Jeremiah

Professional Therapist

As an engaged couple, Dave and I highly recommend this workshop as a way to deepen your connection and strengthen your relationship prior to getting married.  During the Art and Science of Love course, we learned how to have productive discussion on hard to talk about topics, and how to have a more productive approach to conflict resolution.  This interactive workshop armed us with the communication skills that will help us work through future disagreements by using Dr. Gottman's proven techniques.  Additionally, this workshop showed us the importance of building a strong foundation of friendship by creating love maps, sharing fondness and admiration, and turning towards each other instead of away.  We left the workshop having a better understanding for our emotional needs/wants and feeling more deeply connected.
Nikki & David

Wedding Date: 10/25/14


Couples Reporting Positive Results

The film opening the workshops featuring Fred, the widowed songwriter, was moving and very touching. As I watched, the depth of feeling that Fred experienced for his wife awakened the very deep love that exists in me for (my partner) Elizabeth, a depth that is fundamental. The film opened that place in my heart that holds the most profound and sacred feeling and appreciation for my mate, and from the mood in the room after the film ended, it seemed that everyone was in touch with their love, too. All of the exercises that we completed were quite valuable in that they gave us very practical, real life tools to strengthen and enhance our relationship. I did not experience anything that was difficult. In some form, we were already doing much of what Dr. Gottman suggested for building friendship and for making relationships work. The exercise on Managing Conflict was especially valuable. We were able to use this exercise to get in touch with, and to express to one another, family of origin issues that can affect our present day interaction in our marriage. By following the program and opening up this new understanding, I achieved greater empathy for myself and Elizabeth. I understood exactly how the past can subtly and not so subtly color perception and add energy to conflict. As a result of the Managing Conflict piece, I saw conflict in a new way, a more mature and empathic view of both of us. The ending of the conference, where we all stood and made our promise to our mates, was perfect, too. It brought back the deep feelings that were opened on the first day, while watching the film. As I think about those two parts of the workshop, I still feel the strength of Love that was awakened. It's amazing. When I am in touch with that, I feel the eternal nature of Love and how profoundly it moves within me and within all of us. I am grateful whenever I can get back in touch with this profound river of feeling and appreciate the conference very much for facilitating this. It has been two days now since returning from the conference and I am still affected by the deep and positive flow of energy that was awakened there. (Love it.) I feel that I have new knowledge and tools to enhance our relationship, to make our relationship a place that feels very safe emotionally, and to allow us to further enjoy one another. I believe that we will be able to resolve conflict much more readily, as well. Thanks again and best wishes, Jim

Jim Brown

Asheville Attendee