The Art and Science of Love

A Gottman Weekend Workshop for Couples

Presented by:

Carole Cullen, LMFT & Shelly Hummel, LMFT
Based upon Dr. John Gottman four decades of research with thousands of couples.
Discover The Art and Science of Love at our world-renowned weekend workshop for couples.
  • 2 days filled with engaging presentations and experiential activities designed to confirm, strengthen, or restore your love
  • For couples of every age, ability, and sexual orientation
  • Shown to achieve results similar to those of 6 months of marital therapy
  • Produces positive results for 86% of those who attend

Based on over 40 years of research with thousands of couples, The Art and Science of Love workshop will give you new insights and research-based skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way. Along with the memory of re-connecting and the knowledge that “we can do this,” you will take home a box set of cards, tools, and tips to support your relationship in your everyday lives.


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Whether you’re planning a night out or a weekend retreat, strolling through the evening street scenes of Asheville will make your hearts beat a little faster. Quiet dinners, live music, and more. Visit for more couple getaway ideas.

Therapists – The best way to learn the Gottman Method is to experience it for yourself!

Join us at one of our Art & Science of Love workshops across North Carolina and earn up to 14 CEs. Attend with your partner or a colleague. For more information about earning CEs click here.

Therapists receive $50 off the registration fee. Contact us to receive the discount code at 919-263-4410 or

With more than a million copies sold worldwide, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work has revolutionized the way we understand, repair, and strengthen marriages. John Gottman’s unprecedented study of couples over a period of years has allowed him to observe the habits that can make—and break—a marriage. Here is the culmination of that work: the seven principles that guide couples on a path toward a harmonious and long-lasting relationship. Straightforward yet profound, these principles teach partners new approaches for resolving conflicts, creating new common ground, and achieving greater levels of intimacy. Gottman offers strategies and resources to help couples collaborate more effectively to resolve any problem, whether dealing with issues related to sex, money, religion, work, family, or anything else.
Packed with new exercises and the latest research out of the esteemed Gottman Institute, this revised edition of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is the definitive guide for anyone who wants their relationship to attain its highest potential.

Carole and Shelly are guests on G105’s Bob and the Showgram

Hear what Erica has to say about The Art and Science of Love

by Erica DeLong, Co-Host of Bob and the Showgram Mornings on G105

Erica loved the Art & Science of Love Workshop in Charlotte so much she had Carole Cullen and Shelly Hummel come in to help give relationship advice!  Listen to Carole and Shelly on Bob and the Showgram by clicking here.

Read what couples are saying about The Art & Science of Love
I am a therapist in private practice (LCSW, LCAS, and I also specialize in EMDR), and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to also work with a lot of couples in my practice. My initial purpose for attending this workshop was to learn more about the Gottman method from an experiential perspective, as I’ve read about it for years, and have implemented pieces of it in my work with couples, but was interested in knowing more. My loving husband works as a landscaper, and while he is very supportive, he doesn’t really know a lot about these “therapy training’s” that I go to, and he was a little nervous about what he was getting himself into by accompanying me to this one (…and maybe I had a slight ulterior motive by inviting him to come- ha ha ha!). The workshop was a lot of fun for both of us, and beneficial strengthening our relationship on several levels. Since attending, he mentioned several times that he “had no idea it would be as interesting and fun as it was,” and he “is so glad we did this for our marriage.” I am too! Furthermore, a result of this workshop, I have decided to pursue advanced training through the Gottman Institute, to better help other couples strengthen their marriages with the use of this evidence-based method. This was a wonderful opportunity, and I’m so thankful for what it did for us. Thank you, Jessica Jessica

“As an engaged couple, Dave and I highly recommend this workshop as a way to deepen your connection and strengthen your relationship prior to getting married.  During the Art and Science of Love course, we learned how to have productive discussion on hard to talk about topics, and how to have a more productive approach to conflict resolution.  This interactive workshop armed us with the communication skills that will help us work through future disagreements by using Dr. Gottman’s proven techniques.  Additionally, this workshop showed us the importance of building a strong foundation of friendship by creating love maps, sharing fondness and admiration, and turning towards each other instead of away.  We left the workshop having a better understanding for our emotional needs/wants and feeling more deeply connected.”
Nikki & David

Carole Cullen, LMFT

Carole Cullen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Certified Gottman Therapist and Workshop Leader in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook and her Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Hofstra University. Meet Carole.

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Couples Workshops NC, is a passionate group of Certified Gottman therapist offering workshops in North Carolina. Trained and skilled practitioners, we meet with couples everyday in our private practices. Taking those experiences and successes, we are pleased to present the original Seattle-based Gottman workshop, The Art and Science of Love. Based on the scientific findings of John Gottman, Ph.D., who studied over 3000 couples in three decades, this workshop is designed to strengthen your relationship. Please know, there is no group work or public disclosure at the workshop. You and your partner will be given privacy.

What’s behind our success? In a word: Science!

  • Our work is grounded in 40 years of research with more than 3000 couples.
  •  86 percent of people who complete our couples workshops make significant progress on conflicts that once felt “gridlocked” These numbers are a big improvement over other forms of marital intervention. For example, acclaimed marriage researcher Neil Jacobson conducted an evaluation of one of the most highly regarded therapy methods and showed that only 35 percent of couples using it improved their marriages.

Who will benefit from attending? This workshop is designed for ALL couples in a committed relationship.  Research shows that on average, couples wait six years from the first signs of problems to get relationship help. It is designed to strengthen your marriage or relationship. If you have a strong relationship, this workshop will provide you with insights and tools to make it a great one. If your relationship is distressed, this two-day workshop will provide a road map for repair.  No public discussion or disclosure is involved.  All work is done as a couple.

What you’ll learn This two-day workshop will give you new insights and research-based relationship skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you resolve conflict in a healthy, productive way. At the workshop, couples will learn how to:

  • Foster respect, affection, and closeness
  • Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world
  • Keep conflict discussions calm
  • Break through and resolve conflict gridlock
  • Strengthen and maintain the gains in your relationship

If a couple is dealing with physical abuse or battering, this workshop may not be appropriate. In these cases, please consult with us for another option!

As a result of this workshop, you will receive:

In addition to a greater understanding of how to build friendship, manage conflict, and create shared meaning in your relationship, you will receive a box set, which contains:The Art and Science of Love DVD Home Study

  • 7 Card Decks
    • Love Map
    • Opportunity
    • Open-Ended Questions
    • Rituals of Connection
    • Salsa (Mild, Medium, Hot)
  • 2 Couples Workbooks
  • Repair Checklist
  • Aftermath of a Fight Booklet
  • Sound Relationship House Magnet
Workshop Schedule

Day 1
8:00 Registration
8:30 Workshop Begins
10:00 – 10:15 Morning Break
12:20 – 1:35 Lunch
3:40-3:55 Afternoon Break
4:50 End of Day

Day 2
8:00 Workshop Begins
9:50-10:05 Morning Break
11:30-12:50 Lunch
2:50-3:05 Afternoon Break
4:50 End of Day

Shelly Hummel, LMFT

Shelly Hummel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Gottman Therapist and Workshop Leader in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology with Honors from The University of Iowa and her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northern Illinois University. Meet Shelly.

The Art & Science of Love

The Art & Science of Love
  • Please note: Price listed is per couple. You will receive an email receipt shortly after your registration. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders. Closer to the workshop, a staff member will call you to complete paperwork, and you will be emailed everything you need before the workshop.
  • There is no public disclosure or group work – just individual skill building with your partner.
  • Continuing Education:
  • In partnership with R. Cassidy we now offer up to 14 CE Hours to qualified professionals. CE Hours may be purchased for $40. Click here to learn more about earning CE’s.
  • Attention Gottman Trainees & Licensed Clinicians:
  • All licensed clinicians and educators are now eligible for a $50 discount to attend The Art and Science of Love workshop in North Carolina. A personal workshop experience is beneficial for your professional and personal toolkit, and will help you to better integrate Gottman Interventions into your work with couples. You may contact us at 919-263-4410 for the PROMO code to use at checkout. Please provide your license number for verification and your board website.
  • Attention Microsoft Employees:
  • You may be eligible to attend The Art and Science of Love workshop in North Carolina with no out-of-pocket expense. Your registration fee is paid for by your EAP plan through Wellspring Family Services. Contact your EAP provider and request to attend The Art & Science of Love Workshop in NC. You may also contact us at 919-263-4410 for registration and payment information.
  • Military Promotion Code:
  • The Gottman institute is proud to be a partner of the Wounded Warrior Project – it is an honor to support the military and their families. All active-duty military and veterans are eligible to receive a $50 discount to attend The Art and Science of Love workshop in North Carolina. You may contact us at 919-263-4410 for the PROMO code to use at checkout. Please provide service credentials for us to verify with the Defense Manpower Data Center’s (DMDC).
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made up to 30 days prior to the workshop purchased, a full refund less a $50.00 processing fee will be given.  After the cut-off date, registration will be converted to a credit for a future workshop within the following twelve months.
  • Inclement Weather Policy: The Art & Science of Love Weekend Workshop will be cancelled due to inclement weather ONLY if the Hotel, where the event is being hosted, is closed, or if the presenters are prohibited by weather from being there. If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather, your registration fee will be applied to the rescheduled date or to another Art & Science of Love weekend of your choosing in 2016. Any travel expenses that may have been incurred cannot be refunded. If the event is held, but weather conditions prohibit your safe travel so you are unable to attend, your registration fee will be applied to another date of your choosing in 2016. Whenever possible, cancellation announcements will be posted to the website homepage and participants will be notified by email or phone. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Have more Questions?  Visit our FAQ page.
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